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Paverpol is my newest art form and I am so proud to be a teacher of this amazing product!  


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Paverpol is a water based decoration– and textile hardener. Paverpol has acquired a prominent place among artists and hobbyists for more than a decade. 

Paverpol is non-toxic and water based, therefore it is not necessary to wear gloves. Simply rinse off hands and tools with warm water.  I actually like to peel it off my hands, it's kind of fun!

 It's totally safe; Paverpol has received the highest AP non-toxic rating and bears the AP seal of the Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc.

What I enjoy most about Paverpol, is that there are ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES …Paverpol makes rock-hard materials of: – textile, fabrics, paper, leather, moss, tree branches.

You can use it on clothes, dry- and silk flowers, clay, Styrofoam, paper Mache, bark fibers, decorations and much more and it is sealed forever. Create stone-look figures using Paverpol and Art Stone.

Materials that are hardened or sealed with Paverpol can be placed in the garden or patio throughout the year no matter how cold or wet it is outside!  That is another reason I love it so much!

Here are some of the things I have created with Paverpol!


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Paverpol, it's fun and pretty easy...all you gotta do is let your imagination go a bit wild! is a fantastic resource to find out more about this fabulous product!

This is a typical piece that one can make in our beginner Paverpol Class

This is a typical piece that one can make our intermediate Paverpol Class

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