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About me!

I love to create new things. I find it relaxing and calming.

I have always dabbled in some form of 'crafting', if you will.  Bead work, tole painting when it was the trend, sketching, string art and the like.

I like to challenge myself. To see what I can create beyond anything I have ever imagined.


People are always asking me “Now, what are you up to?”

This website and my social media pages give folks a peek at what I am doing.

There are so many wonderful materials to be used in crafting and in my art. I use Paverpol, which is a safe, non-toxic fabric hardener...and it’s so fun and versatile!


I scour the farm and find cool pieces of wood, rusty things, and inspiration!

I go to garage sales and find bits and pieces for my work, materials of all kinds!


I stalk and beg my friends to not throw out their ‘junk’, until I’ve had a chance to go through it. Nothing is off limits!!

Some of my pieces will be for sale. I can custom make for a variety of celebrations, milestones, or just because.

Some are just for me and my family to enjoy.

Either way, I hope my creations inspire you to also go forth and create something fun, beyond your own imagination.

To step out of your comfort zone, and find things that allow you to be more. To discover something hidden inside of you.

Could be anything crafty, artsy, musically, energetically...anything adventurous..even travelling or hiking!


Do the things that scare you, so that fear is never an option!

What connects you to your world, your people, your smile, your heart?

Never know...unless you try new things!

One of my very first sketches when I realized I could sketch, at 36 years of age.  

It's never too late to try something new!

Sept 2018


Some Thoughts

As an artist, especially a new artist, of course I expect to be critiqued. 

I expect that my pieces will not resonate with everyone.

I expect that not everyone will get my vision.

I expect that not everyone will understand what is in my heart and what comes out the end of my hands.

I also expect to be treated with respect, as all artists should.

And y'all have been so gracious and kind and wonderful with your feedback and comments! I feel so truly blessed!

One thing I have heard, and it's not even that awful, is the choice of colour I use most often. 

So, just to explain, my pieces, although black in colour in some cases, are not in any way intended to be aimed at a particular race or people. 

They are just statues, pieces with their own character, personality, and meaning.

I don't even see skin colour when I am creating...I just see the character. I see the story my piece is telling. The emotion is brings out in me, and in others.

Black Paverpol is the colour that highlights best for me. It's one I can create a lot of different looks with and it is my favourite to use! It's so versatile. And I'll keep using it. 😉


It's always someone's choice to buy one of my pieces or not, based on the colour of it. That's on them, not on me...

I saw a couple of things today that triggered these deep thoughts today... ;-)


Maybe I'm still reeling a bit after we searched for a missing 6 year old girl with special needs in our area last night. Put a bit more meaning and perspective of what life is really about. Community, respect, kindness, helping, sharing ideas, honouring each other, giving a hand up in a time of need and hardship (rather than cruelty), and doing something just because it's the right thing to do. The little girl was found, safe, this morning, btw, but it was a long night for her being all alone. Anyway, something opened up this can of worms in me... ☺️


I watched an artist's video today and people were so ugly and nasty to him, telling him what he should do instead and how his vision was wrong. 




His vision is not my vision. His vision and his innards and what comes out at the end of his paintbrush is his and his alone. 


Yes, critique.....and see if you can see what it is the artist is visualizing, but to call him names because he didn't do it the way you thought he should is not super cool.

In fact, that kind of harsh judgement could easily shut an artist down...forever.

I watched another FB live today with one of my all-time favourite creators, Q, at All Shabbed Out...(go check her page out!). And she was soooo emotional over a piece of furniture that she had just finished. She was overwhelmed at the process, the beauty of it, and how it touched her soul. A simple piece of furniture moved her to tears. She has had many haters this year, I've read some of their nasty comments...but she has chosen to override their noise, and continue to do what she loves. THAT takes courage! And she created something that so moved her. That is a very beautiful thing. 


I have felt that way already, and I've only begun my journey as an artist. I love to see the way my pieces move my heart and move other people as well. If I can bring a moment of joy to someone, then it's all worth it. 


I have been so blessed to have such incredible feedback, and I sure do appreciate it! 


At any point, anyone feels I need to create something according to their flavour, likeness and expression, please reach out to me, I'd be happy to try! Just keep in mind, what I see in my mind, based on what you verbally suggest, is absolutely going to be completely different than what you see in your mind...haha...but I'll try!!


Or, I could teach you Paverpol, and you can create what you see in your mind!


We try as artists, but we are also limited due to the fact, we all perceive, process and create from our very own innards, experiences, emotion, and imagination!

And it's sooooooo fun...and interesting how a piece ends up being completely different than what was intended. Usually ends up way better!


Please keep in mind, it can be awful scary to put our creations out there, knowing full well that the haters will hate...but for me, the haters also teach me something about how much value I put on other's judgements of me...which, by the way, is not much at all. Oh,

sometimes it stings...but then I move on....haha...cha-ching! 

#BeJudgementFree #respectothers #kindnessmatters#makeyourowncreations 

#creatingisfun #lovethehaters #trollsmattertoo#smile #craftingmakesmehappy 


#myheart #nofear#icreateforme #bekindtoartists #bekindtoeveryone


May 25, 2018

Crafting is a great way to relax, to use your imagination, to connect with others and to express yourself in a way that makes sense to you. And if it only makes sense to you, that is okay!

Judgment has no place in art.  Some things may inspire you, some things may not. There is no right or wrong in art. 

We cannot see into the mind or the heart of any artist, but their art can express so much!

So, as you look at my pieces, or the pieces of any artist, appreciate what you can, and let go of any judgement you may feel.

What's wrong for one, doesn't mean it isn't right for another!

And don't be scared to try new things for yourself, you must may be surprised at what inspiration may come out of your hands!


You can always check out more of my musings at


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