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Commission Work

These are custom pieces that people have ordered!  

What a joy to create for others, knowing these pieces will bring them joy for years to come!


Looking forward to creating your magical pieces for your family, friends, co-workers, teachers, and loved ones!

I can personalize and custom make for most events, experiences, personalities etc.

Got a grad coming up?  

How about an anniversary or wedding?

Maybe your co-worker or employee is retiring?

Great silent auction gifts as well!

Baby gifts?

Or maybe you want a lovely personalized piece for your very own garden!

Please feel free to email me with any requests!

Catherine is a graceful and creative ballerina! She expresses herself and connects with the world through her dance!

Made specifically for a special girl for her to admire for years to come!

New Gramma was pretty excited to get these made up for her new grandbabies, both born this spring!

This piece was created and ordered to welcome another new being to our world.  Love the name Daisy!!

MERI was created for a fundraiser for the the Meota, SK, curling club.  She's whimsical, radiating light and happy to set either inside or outside in a garden!

Rose was a piece made for a wonderful woman for her birthday.

Rose is a bit eccentric, loves gardening, flowers and her pink rubber boots!

Seraphina is 4'3" of beauty and curls and sexiness!  I custom made her according to to what my customer wanted and she turned out pretty amazing!  Seraphim means passionate, ardent and fiery - and this piece sure is that.  She taught me A LOT!


This pretty in pink ballerina was made for a ballet teacher by one of her students.  I wish the camera would pick up the golden pink highlights in this piece that just shimmer.  I LOVE making these skirts!

More fairies headed out the door this summer for a wonderful lady and her sister!!  


Made in memory of a young lady who loved baseball!  Thankful for my hubby who helped create the bat!

Sariel means Angel of Guidance. She's 12 inches and I actually made a few of these at Christmas as orders for clients.  I just love her!


Someone saw my first Araba, and ordered one for her office!  31" tall and just so so pretty.

This is Lucille!  

She was commissioned by Renee Smith of Raine Gardens and Rainy Day Vintage in Missouri.

Lucille is a signature piece of Renee's and she wanted a statue made to add to her collection! 


Missy here was commissioned for a Birthday present for a lovely lady in Red Deer, AB.

She is a replica of my Annabelle and I sure love making this beautiful piece!

This 36" x 60" canvas was commissioned by a lovely lady who wanted something above their king size bed.

Biggest piece to date and I loved creating it!


This 36" x 48" barnwood piece was commissioned by a lovely couple from Alberta, who wanted a piece of their SK farm to be in their city home. 

It was such an honor to create this...and it weighed in at 35 lbs!

I so enjoyed creating this sketch, as it brings together 3 generations that could never otherwise happen, as the grandmother has passed on.

One more little sweet baby face to add in 2021!


This sketch was so dear to me because I've known that sweet girl since she was 6!​

A Happy Engagement gift from her mother!

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