More Creations

I like to use different mediums in my creations and here are some I have done so far!  

I really enjoy finding old things and re-purposing them, as you will see in some of the pieces below!

LOVE:  the most powerful force on the planet and I do love the 70+ year old barn wood I used for this!

Another piece made out of an old piece of wood.  I love daisies and string art, so this was fun for me! 

"Pieces of My Heart"  This string art project inspired my Paverpol piece of the same name.   

'HOME' is where the heart is!  Blocks can be displayed in many ways!  Blocks are made out of old posts from our farm!

I did this wood piece up for a friend's new baby girl!  It is done on old wood and can be custom made with any name or shape!

Although I haven't been sketching much these days, this is one of my favorite sketches and I hope to get back at it one day!

Just started into acrylics and my teacher painted a piece like this for her husband.  I loved it so much, I created it for my husband and I's room!  18 x 24.  

Some little 8 X 10 acrylics I was practicing on.   I am loving the layers!  Both are available for purchase but are not on my SHOP page

An 18 x 24" canvas done with acrylics.  Created for a beautiful sweet baby girl!  She's 26 now...haha...but still my baby!

This piece sold before I could even post it anywhere!  Women's bodies are so powerful and beautiful, I love making women feel that way about themselves, and, I hope with my paintings, I can empower women to start loving their own beauty.

I created this piece for a challenge.

We were to pick a partner and paint each other.

This is Heather Watson, of It's Just Paint Y'all out of Las Vegas!

Another challenge put forth by Anissa of Niss & That.  


We were to paint our feelings - good, bad or ugly.

I went for a walk to think about what I was going to paint and was guided to stop.  I looked down and saw a heart shaped rock between my feet.

So I painted it!  Because life is good and yummy and I love where I am.

I painted this for my Goddess mentor Sierra Bender to put in her new 4 Body Institute in Florida.

Goddess Up!!

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